Answers - Q1 : General and Specifications

1-1. Where can I get this application ?

For iOS users, download from App Store, and for Android users, download from Google Play.

Google Play - Free download   App Store - Free download

* iTunes is needed to access the App Store.
1-2. Which camcorder can I use with ?

A Canon camcorder which supports Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN).

Refer to Supported Camcorder Models on the top page.

1-3. Can I use Bluetooth® headphones with this app ?

This app does not support Bluetooth® devices.

Use wired headphones when running this app.

1-4. The message "Incorrect ID or password." appeared.

Check if the camcorder is in the Monitor while Out mode.

If so, check the ID and password.

1-5. I can start CameraAccess plus by putting the device above the camcorder but can't use the app (Android).

Check if the latest version of CameraAccess plus is installed.

1-6. Nothing happens after putting iPhone above the camcorder.

The NFC function is available with supported Android devices only.

1-7. After putting the device above the camcorder, the screen flickers until CameraAccess plus starts.

This does not affect the operation. Please continue.

1-8. With which device can I use the NFC function?

You can use it with smartphones and tablets supporting NFC function.

* Even if the device supports NFC, you may not be able to use the function

1-9. CameraAccess plus does not start after putting the device above the camcorder.

Check the following;

  • Have you turned on the NFC function of your device such as a smartphone?
    * Refer to your device's instruction manual for the settings.
    * Turn on the P2P setting if available in the NFC function.
  • Change the place while putting your device above the camcorder.
  • Exit the other running apps.
  • When charging the device, stop it and retry. (Some device do not run the NFC function during charging.)
1-10. The message "A problem occurred in the connection with the camcorder. Check the Wi-Fi settings." or "NFC communication failed." appeared.

Even if the device supports NFC, you may not be able to use the function.

Also, some smartphones/tablets have connection difficulties. Try the following procedures in this case:

  • Restart both camcorder and smartphone/tablet.

When using Android 6.0/7.0/7.1

  • Disconnect from your camcorder.

For systems other than Android 6.0/7.0/7.1 or when you still cannot connect using NFC after trying the above procedures

  • Temporarily disconnect all connections to access points.

* If you cannot connect after trying the above procedures, configure to the Monitor from Home, Monitor while Out, or Playback via Browser mode manually.

1-11. The app other than CameraAccess plus starts up when I put the device above the camcorder.

Exit the app by pressing the back key.

1-12. After putting the smartphone/tablet above the camcorder, it takes a long time until the connection is established.

The connection may take time depending on the communication environment and/or your smartphone/tablet model.

1-13. I can't connect to the camcorder. (when using Android 5.0 / 5.1 / 6.0 / 7.0 / 7.1)

If your smartphone / tablet's mobile data communication setting is activated, you will no be able to connect to the camcorder though Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) because the mobile data communication is set as the priority communication. Perform the following procedures to check the data communication setting status.

  1. Tap [Settings] of your smartphone / tablet.
  2. Tap [Data usage] in "Wireless & networks".
  3. Turn off the "Cellular data" switch if activated.
    * The mobile data communication of your smartphone / tablet will be turned off.
  4. Connect your smartphone / tablet with the camcorder.

The operation above is an example of the setting.
Refer to your smartphone / tablet's instruction manual for detail setting procedures of mobile data communication.

Remember to return the "Cellular data" switch to the original setting after using CameraAccess plus.

1-14. The screen does not return to the previous screen after full screen preview is used.

If the screen rotation is locked, the screen may not change and return to the previous screen even when the device is rotated in portrait orientation.

iPhone / iPad

Unlock the screen rotation.


Turn ON the automatic screen rotation.

1-15. After I connect to my camcorder, a message appears on my smartphone/tablet indicating the Wi-Fi is not connected to the Internet.

Refer to the usage instructions for your smartphone/tablet and set the device so it maintains a constant connection to your camcorder.