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Please read the End User License Agreement before downloading.
We consider all customers who download our products have agreed with the agreement.

Update History

Everio MediaBrowser™ 3D [Ver.3.50.511]
  • Fixed the problem that the video and audio in a created disc are not synchronized when using a long footage that was automatically split into some files by the camcorder during recording.
  • Fixed the problem that the file automatically split from a long footage by the camcorder cannot be saved from the [File] menu.
  • Modified the Facebook® login process due to the modification of Facebook®'s specifications regarding access right.
  • AVCHD 3D supported.
  • Fixed the problem that a DVD-Video disc created by Everio MediaBrowser™ 3D cannot be played back on some players.
  • Fixed the problem that an unplayable disc is created when writing onto a used DVD-RW.
  • Fixed the problem that writing onto a double-layered disc fails.
  • Increased the accuracy of disc writing.
  • Settlement of minor problems.
  • Added the function that you can create Blu-ray discs playable with the BD player supporting AVCHD 3D standard by using the video files recorded in MPEG-4 MVC mode.
  • Modified the process to create a temporary file when exporting to iTunes® since some versions of QuickTime® cannot recognize the file path that includes the characters other than ASCII characters.
  • Fixed the problem that the camcorder's drives are not recognized when connecting the camcorder that employs multiple drives.
  • Improved the processing speed of the software.
  • Fixed the problem that the temporary files created during disc writing remains.
  • Fixed the problem that the files with broken link can be added to the candidate to write on the disc.
  • Improved the accuracy of capacity estimation when creating a Blu-ray disc.
  • Fixed the problem that the progress bar stops when adding transitions to multiple videos when editing.
  • Fixed the problem that the frame rate information is not properly exported when combining the files divided by the camcorder due to long recording time.
  • Settlement of minor problems.
  • Fix the problem that the recorded time and date of the file edited by Everio MediaBrowser™ 3D is sometimes not correctly displayed when using the video which has been edited with the camcorder.
  • Added the notation of expat license to "Readme.txt" file.
  • Functional improvement with MVC files :
    1. [ Playback ]
      - 3D playback supported.
    2. [ YouTube™ upload ]
      - 3D video files are available.
    3. [ Share ]
      - 3D video files are available.
    4. [ Video edit ]
      - Frame by frame editing is available.
      - Combination of multiple files supported.
  • 3D video files are available when adding text in the video edit.
  • Improved the picture quality of preview screen.
  • Supported importing contents in a back up disc created with the camcorder.
  • Supported converting JPEG files to a 3D still image file (MPO).
  • Fixed other minor problems.
  • Fixed the problem that the status of the control panel is changed after changing the screen from full screen to window size display.
  • Upgraded the audio bit rate when converting video files to WMV format.
  • Upgraded the video bit rate when converting video files to WMV format of which the resolution is 1920x1080 pixels.
  • Fixed the problem that the edited file is not saved in the Library after editing a still image file.
  • Fixed the problem that some keyboard shortcut keys lead to play back the next file in the playback screen and still image editing screen.
  • Fixed the problem that unexpected operation runs when clicking the screen after changing to the full screen display in still image editing.
  • Fixed the problem that external hard disk is not displayed in the [Device] of the Source Panel even after connecting an external hard disk that stores the files backed up directly from the camcorder.

Everio MediaBrowser™ 3D Ver.3.50.511 Updater

About Updater

Everio MediaBrowser™ 3D Ver3.50.xxx needs to be installed to update the software. (xxx=Numbers)

Refer to Update Version Check Procedure for checking the installed version.

This updater does not support other products.

System Requirements

Refer to the Specifications and system requirements page for details.

Installation Procedure
  1. Download the updater.
  2. Double-click the downloaded file and follow the instructions on screen to execute installation.

Update Version Check Procedure

Check the version displayed with the following procedure.

  1. Start up Everio MediaBrowser™ 3D.
  2. Select [Version info] from [Help] menu.
  3. Check the version information displayed.
    * If the Version information shows "3.50.511", the update is completed.

Updater Download

Everio MediaBrowser™ 3D Ver.3.50.511 Updater Download (EXE : 26.6MB)

Click the above to download the updater.

To save the updater, right-click the above and select "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As...".

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