MediaBrowser™ SE for JVC

Specifications and system requirements

Supported Files
File format
Video files recorded with the camcorder with which MediaBrowser™ SE for JVC is bundled MTS (.mts)
MP4 (.mp4)
MOV (.mov)
MediaBrowser™ SE for JVC edit files MBT (.mbt)
MP4 (.mp4)
Still image JPEG (.jpg)
BMP (.bmp)
PNG (.png)
Music files used when editing videos MP3 (.mp3)
WAV (.wav)
Media type SD Memory Card
File format
Movie edit MBT (.mbt)
MP4 (.mp4)
Still image JPEG (.jpg)
Uploading to YouTube™/Facebook®/
other video sharing Web sites
WMV (.wmv)
For export to iTunes® M4V (.m4v)
For export Google Earth™ KMZ (.kmz)
Media type

You can write a disc in Blu-ray, AVCHD, or DVD-Video*1 standards. Available writing standards vary depending on the disc used.

Supported disc DVD-Video AVCHD Blu-ray
*1 Download the DVD-Video disc creation software and install it to your computer.
* Videos recorded in AVCHD Progressive can only be written in Blu-ray format. When writing in AVCHD format, the picture quality will be converted to the equivalent of XP mode.
* MP4/MOV files will be converted to appropriate format according to the disc type.
* 8cm disc is not supported.
* When using a rewritable disc, MediaBrowser™ SE for JVC will erase the existing data before writing.
File locations and usable functions

In MediaBrowser™ SE for JVC, usable function varies depending on the location where the file is stored.

Function Location
Import to computer Pass N/A
Write discs Pass Pass
Direct Disc Pass -
Export to iTunes® Pass Pass
Upload to YouTube™ Pass Pass
Export for Google Earth™ Pass Pass
Upload to Facebook® Pass Pass
Convert to WMV format Pass Pass
Edit video files Pass Pass
Edit still image files Pass Pass
System Requirements
OS Windows® XP Service Pack 3 (32bit)
- Home Edition
- Professional

Windows Vista® Service Pack 2 (32bit/64bit)
- Home Basic
- Home Premium

Windows® 7 Service Pack 1 (32bit/64bit)
- Home Premium

Windows® 8 (64-bit version : Desktop mode only)
- Windows® 8
- Windows® 8 Pro

Windows® 8.1 (64-bit version : Desktop mode only)
- Windows® 8.1
- Windows® 8.1 Pro

Windows® 10 (64-bit version : Desktop mode only)
- Home
- Pro
* To install and use this software, you must be authorized as an Administrator.
Supported Computer IBM PC/AT compatible computers with above OS pre-installed.
* Built-to-order computers excepted.
CPU Intel® Core™ Duo 1.66GHz or higher 
(Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 2.13GHz or higher recommended) * Intel® Core™ i7 2.53GHz or higher is recommended to edit video files or to use MP4/MOV/AVCHD Progressive.
* Operation is not guaranteed when using over-clocked CPUs.
* Drop frame may occur even when editing video files or playing back the Editing Object in the recommended environment.
Memory Windows® XP : 1GB or higher 
Windows Vista® : 2GB or higher 
Windows® 7 : 2GB or higher
Windows® 8 : 2 GB or higher
Windows® 8.1 : 2 GB or higher
Windows® 10 : 2 GB or higher
Hard Disk 500MB or more free disk space
(for software installation) * Free space at least twice the volume of data to be written on the disc is required for creating a disc. If you set the system drive as the work space, extra 1GB is required, and if the location other than the system drive, extra 512MB is required.
Graphics 1024x768 pixels or more
16bit (High Color) or more  * 1280x1024 pixels or more, 32bit color or more, Intel® G965 (On-board display adapter) or more recommended.
Sound Sound card supporting Microsoft® DirectSound®
Drive Built-in disc drive with DVD writing capabilities
Disc drive with Blu-ray writing capabilities * To create a disc, you will need a drive that supports the disc type you are creating.
* Operations of the software depends on whether the OS supports your drives and hardware devices. For the OS support information, please contact the drive and hardware device manufacturers. 
* The software may not operate correctly when IDE driver manufactured by parties other than Microsoft Corporation, or third-party file system (filtering) driver is embedded.
Others - Standard USB 2.0 port.
- Installation of iTunes® and QuickTime® is required for exporting to iTunes®.
- An Internet-accessible environment is required for uploading videos to movie sharing site.
- Google Earth™ is need to be installed before exporting files to Google Earth™.

* Full operation is not guaranteed even if even the above configuration is satisfied.
* Better system configurations may be necessary depending on the number of contents and total data volume handled.

  • You can only use the video files recorded with the JVC camcorder with which MediaBrowser™ SE for JVC is bundled.
  • If recorded and/or edited content includes copyrighted works created by third parties,you can only use them for personal use.
  • Use an AC adaptor for the notebook computer power supply.
  • Use an AC adaptor for the camcorder power supply.
  • Connect the camcorder and the computer directly with an USB cable. Operation using USB hubs is not guaranteed.
  • Do not put computer in Standby mode when a camcorder is connected.
  • You cannot overwrite recorded DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-R DL, DVD+R DL, BD-R,and BD-R DL discs. When using a rewritable disc, recorded data will be erased by MediaBrowser™ SE for JVC before writing.
  • Do not to operate other software during disc writing.
Operating Limitations
  • Even if file formats are in a supported, you may not be able to use them depending on the recording methods of video and audio.
  • You cannot use MediaBrowser™ SE for JVC when connecting two or more camcorders to the computer.
  • System folders, Windows-only folders, the root directory C:\ and optical drives cannot be selected as the saving destination for the Library and file export.
  • You cannot add files to the Library by drag and drop in "Explorer" from removable disks.
  • Exporting files after editing or converting with MediaBrowser™ SE for JVC, the picture quality of the video will be lower than the original.
  • Unicode characters will be garbled when you copy and paste a text in text boxes in MediaBrowser™ SE for JVC such as "Memo".
  • Playback on all players is not supported for discs created with MediaBrowser™ SE for JVC.
  • MediaBrowser™ SE for JVC may not operate correctly when a writing software other than MediaBrowser™ SE for JVC is installed. In this case, we recommend not to use multiple disc writing software at the same time.
  • When erasing data on a rewritable disc, the progress bar may not be displayed correctly depending on the drives used.
  • When using YouTube™ upload function, the number of videos uploaded per hour may be restricted by YouTube™ specifications.
  • We do not guarantee full operations for future modifications of the YouTube™ and Facebook® specifications, and the operation on every environment.
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