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The disc drive cannot be recognized after installing Everio MediaBrowser™ 3.
If possible, remove the writing software of other company and reinstall Everio MediaBrowser™ 3.
Everio MediaBrowser™ 3 does not work properly.
Exit Everio MediaBrowser™ 3 and restart the computer.
My camcorder is not recognized by the computer.
Check the following :
  • Have you installed Everio MediaBrowser™ 3 ?
  • Have you turned on the camcorder ?
  • Is the USB cable connected to the computer properly ? If the USB cable is connected properly and is not recognized, connect to another USB port of the computer.
  • Disconnect the USB cable, then restart the computer and reconnect the camcorder with the computer in the correct procedure.
  • Disconnect any USB devices other than the camcorder, keyboard, and mouse.
  • If the camcorder is connected via a USB hub, connect the camcorder directly to the computer.
  • If any resident software is installed, exit and connect the camcorder.
Everio MediaBrowser™ 3 does not fit in the computer screen.
This occurs when screen resolution is below 800x600.
Select resolution above 1024x768 in Screen properties.
What are the supported discs ?
You can write on the following discs.
Check if your drive supports the disc that you use.

I exited from the resident application by mistake.
You can start up from [Start] menu - [All Programs] - [Startup] - [Device Monitor 3].
When using MP3 files, the playback and playback time display are not properly operated.
The MP3 file of VBR (Variable Bit Rate) is not supported.
Create a MP3 file of other bit rate type or use the music files after converting to WAV format.
I can't add music files in WAV format.
Only the WAV format of 32Khz/44.1KHz/48KHz stereo and monaural is supported.
Convert to this WAV format before adding as a music file.
What is the "Video bit rate" appeared in the file information ?
It indicates the maximum video bit rate for each mode.
The actual bit rate varies depending on the recorded content and is different from the value displayed on the screen.
The length of the playback time and position of the text in the edited file is different from that I intended.
If you wish to edit these elements frame by frame, check the editing result on the preview screen before exporting.
I cannot play back the video file longer than 15 minutes on YouTube™.
The video file longer than 15 minutes cannot be uploaded due to YouTube™’s specifications.
Shorten the file using [Length] in the [Edit Movies].
Always select the picture quality other than [Direct] when uploading. You may not be able to play back the file when selecting [Direct].
I cannot play back AVCHD discs created by Everio MediaBrowser™ 3.
To play back an AVCHD disc, you need a compliant DVD player.
Check if your player supports AVCHD standard.
Use "Everio MediaBrowser™ 3 Player" when playing back on a computer.
Be careful not to insert an AVCHD disc to a non-compliant player.
It may cause a malfunction.
The aspect ratio of the AVCHD disc is not properly reproduced.
If the disc contains SD quality (4:3) videos, the appropriate aspect ratio may not be reproduced depending on the player.
It is recommended to create a DVD-Video if appropriate aspect ratio is not reproduced on other players.
I can’t upload to YouTube™ / Facebook®.
Upload the converted files from YouTube™ / Facebook® Web site directly after converting files to .wmv format from [Share] button.
If you installed security software, the connection between Everio MediaBrowser™ 3 and the Web site may be blocked. Allow Everio MediaBrowser™ 3 to access to the internet in this case.
Contact the security software maker for how to allow specified software to access to the Internet.
* Please find the latest product information and download information. [Disclaimer regarding YouTube™ / Facebook® upload functions]
- When using YouTube™ / Facebook® upload function, the number of videos uploaded per hour may be restricted by their specifications.
- We do not guarantee full operations for future modifications of the YouTube™ / Facebook® specifications.
- We do not guarantee full operations on every environment.
I can't export to iTunes®.
"iTunes®" and QuickTime® is required for exporting.
You can download "iTunes®" and "QuickTime®" from the Web site of Apple Inc.
* Refer to Product News and "Download".
* Some camcorders do not support this function.
The destination to backing up the files is full.
Return to Step 1 and specify the new destination in the Preferences.
The list of the files in the Browser screen is not updated even after replacing the memory cards.
If you replaced the memory card after the files are displayed on the Browser screen, it will take a long time to read the information of the replaced card.
Be careful not to replace the cards while Everio MediaBrowser™ 3 is working on the files.
The result of face detection with an edited still image file differs with the original file.
The result may be different if you added some effects or converted it to a video file.
Though I wrote a DVD, the recorded date display does not match with the playback time or the recorded date is not displayed.
Install the update for this problem.
Updater Download
I can't click the button to start the slide show after capturing a still image file from a video file.
Install the update for this problem.
Updater Download
The file conversion fails when I export video files to upload to a video sharing site.
This problem occurs when your Windows® Media Player version is old.
Download the latest Windows® Media Player and install it to your computer.
After connecting the camcorder, the camcorder's drive is not recognized.
Install the update for this problem.
Updater Download
"PixelaTemporaryFiles" folder has been created and there are files in it while I am unaware.
"PixelaTemporaryFiles" is a temporary folder which is created in the destination when exporting to iTunes®.
This folder is usually deleted automatically upon the completion of exporting.
Delete the folder manually if it remains after exiting the software.
I want to delete Everio MediaBrowser™ 3/Everio MediaBrowser™ 3 BE from my computer.
Follow the procedure below to delete(uninstall) the software :

Windows® XP Users
  1. Click the [Start] menu on the Desktop screen.
  2. Click [Control Panel].
  3. Double-click [Add or Remove Programs].
  4. Select "Everio MediaBrowser 3" and click [Remove].
  5. Follow the instructions displayed on the window to uninstall.
Windows® 7/Windows® Vista Users
  1. Click the Start menu on the Desktop screen.
  2. Click [Control Panel].
  3. Double-click [Uninstall a program].
  4. Select "Everio MediaBrowser 3" and click [Remove].
  5. Follow the instructions displayed on the window to uninstall.
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