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Please read End User License Agreement before downloading.
We consider all customers who download our products have agreed with the agreement.

Update History

ImageMixer™ 3 SE [Ver.3.1.4]
  • Fixed the problem that Windows® Explorer does not recognize a CD written by Windows® Explorer or "ZoomBrowser EX" using a computer in which "ImageMixer™ 3 SE" is installed.
  • Fixed the problem that, if iTunes® 9 is installed, exporting fails when using a 2-byte character in the destination to export.
  • Fixed the problem that volume was not changed when moving the [Volume] bar in "ImageMixer™ 3 VideoEditor".
ImageMixer™ 3 SE [Ver.3.1.4] Fixed the following problems about the operations on Windows® 7.
  • Windows® 7 reacts slow or does not respond when "ImageMixer™ 3 SE" is running.
  • Disc written with the Writing List (DVD-Video/AVCHD) using Windows® 7 computer is recognized as a blank disc on Windows® 7.
  • Frames are dropped when playing back the file exported for the use in iTunes® on Windows Media® Player.
  • Image is stretched horizontally when playing back the SD quality file edited with "ImageMixer™ 3 SE" on Windows Media® Player.
  • Fixed the problem that video and audio of the edited file were not synchronized depending on the file used.
  • Fixed the problem that "ImageMixer™ 3 SE" was sometimes terminated forcibly when maximizing the movie edit window.
  • Fixed the problem that when files of 2GB or bigger are written back to camcorder, the files could not have been played back.
  • Fixed the problem that when files of 2GB or bigger are written back to camcorder, the files could not have been played back.

"ImageMixer™ 3 SE" Updater

About Updater

"ImageMixer™ 3 SE" needs to be installed to update the software.

This updater does not support other products.

System Requirements

Refer to the Specifications and system requirements page for details.

Installation Procedure
  1. Download the updater.
  2. Double-click the downloaded file and follow the message to execute installation.

Update Version Check Procedure

Check the version displayed with the following procedure.

  1. Start up "ImageMixer™ 3 SE".
  2. Click [Browsing & Authoring].
  3. Select [Version info] from [Help] menu.
  4. Check the version information displayed.
    * If the Version information shows "3.1.4", the update is completed.

[Ver.3.1.4] Updater Download

Data : ImageMixer3SE_UPDATE_300042.exe
Attr. : Binary
Size : 37,263,504 bytes

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