About PIXELA CORPORATION - Description of business

Description of business

We run the four main businesses :

1. Digital television for home electronics

PRODIA® logo

The development of digital televisions and set-top boxes that support ISDB system.

Our own brand PRODIA® has been launched in the market.

We are also well experienced in developing receiver modules and middleware for OEM business.

2. Digital television for PCs

StationTV® logo

With our receiver modules called tuner board and the viewing software StationTV® series, we have accomplished the number one delivery record with Japanese PC manufacturers in OEM business.

We provide applications as well as SDK.

3. Digital television for smartphones

StationMobile® logo

We mainly develop the application software to receive digital broadcasting with Android™ smartphones, and are proud of plenty of experience in OEM business.

4. Image processing application software for PC use

MediaBrowser™ logo
VideoBrowser logo

Since the dawn of the popularization of digital camcorders, we have been providing editing/authoring applications in both Windows and Mac platform.

Our ImageMixer™ series has been released worldwide through many camera manufacturers and it boasts more than 40 million copies in total.

Now we offer MediaBrowser™ and VideoBrowser series which introduced the 3D edit function into the market fast.