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* If using Windows 8.1 or Mac OS X v10.9 / v10.10, please use Data Import Utility Ver.2.

Update History

February 25, 2014
Data Import Utility [Ver.2.1.0]
  • EOS C100's firmware Version has been supported.

If you want to save the clips shot by the Continuous Recording function using Data Import Utility (for Windows) to your computer, install this update after applying EOS C100's firmware Version

Data Import Utility Updater

About Updater

Data Import Utility needs to be installed to update the software. This updater does not support other products.

Installation Procedure
  1. Download Data Import Utility Updater.
  2. Double-click the downloaded file and follow the instructions on the screen to execute installation.
Update Version Check Procedure

Check the version displayed with the following procedure.

  1. Start up Data Import Utility.
  2. Select [Version info] from [Help] menu.
  3. Check the version information displayed.
    If the Version information shows 2.1.0, the update is completed.
Updater Download

Data : diu21_201211_update.exe
Attr. : Binary
Size : 4.54 MB

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