About Us

Description of business

PIXELA Corporation provides new technologies and products that enhance multimedia accessibility, with the theme of contributing to society through digital devices.
We currently operate in five business areas.

1. PC-related Business

We offer digital TV capture hardware for PCs and digital broadcast viewing and recording software, both on an OEM and retail basis.
Our StationTV® series of TV viewing and recording application software has been a long-selling brand since the analog TV era, and we are expanding recently under the Xit brand.
Additionally, we provide OEM sales, in which we receive royalties based on the number of units shipped of our digital TV broadcasting viewing and recording application middleware (SDK).

2. Home AV Business

In the AV home appliance and mobile field, we sell planned and developed hardware and software products under our own brand or as products of our customers (OEM).
We develop and offer digital LCD TVs, mainly small and medium-sized models, digital tuner boxes, and other products under our own brand.
In addition, we also offer OEM full/one-seg reception application software for Android smartphones and mobile full-seg tuner products for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.

3. AV Software Business

This is a business in which we receive royalties of our planned and developed video editing application software for PCs by integrating in digital video cameras. We have MediaBrowser™, VideoBrowser, and the ImageMixer™ series as our major brands of applications.

4. International Business

Our overseas business involves the development and distribution of Home AV products for international markets, including terrestrial digital tuner products.
We are actively developing products such as EWBS STB and ISDB-T STBs for countries across Asia, Africa, Central, and South America.

5. IoT-related Business

We are developing IoT products utilizing Z-Wave, a short-range wireless communication system, and LTE, a cellular communication standard.

* StationTV is a registered trademark of PIXELA Corporation.
* All other names, company names, product names, etc., mentioned herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.