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I can't import files on a network to the Library.
You can't add files on a network to the Library.
For video files stored on a network, save files on the computer first, then add files to the Library by selecting [Add Files to Library] / [Add Folder to Library] from the [File] menu.
I don’t know which volume to select when saving videos in camcorder to the computer.
Before saving to the computer, check videos in each volume (see "Checking Video Contents" in "Everio MediaBrowser™" Instruction Guide P.34).
There still are videos not saved on a disc after creating 5 discs.
Disconnect the USB cable from the computer and create a disc with Direct DVD again.
How long does it take to upload videos to YouTube™ ?
For uploading 1-minute video, it takes about 5 minutes. (when uplink speed is 1Mbps)
* It may differ depending on the communication environment.
I cannot upload to YouTube™.
Upload from the YouTube website.
The MediaBrowser™'s communication to the internet may be blocked if a security software is installed.
Enable MediaBrowser™'s access to the internet.
For the settings of the security software to allow an application to access the internet, please contact the security software support center.
* Refer to Product News and "Download". "Immunity regarding YouTube™ upload function" When using YouTube™ upload function, the number of videos uploaded per hour may be restricted by YouTube™ specifications. Also, we do not guarantee full operations for future modifications of the YouTube™ specifications, and the operation on every environment.
The uploaded file's title is changed on YouTube™.
If you use following symbols in a title, the symbols are changed to "_" when uploading.
"&" "<" ">"
I can't export to iTunes®.
"iTunes® " and QuickTime® is required for exporting.
You can download "iTunes® and QuickTime® from the Web site of Apple Inc.
* Refer to Product News and "Download".
* Some camcorders do not support this function.
Although there are more than 1 disc drive, I can't select a drive to write.
Connect your camcorder and select [Create Disc] from the menu on the camcorder.
Click [Settings] button on the "Everio MediaBrowser™" screen and set the writing drive.
Disconnect the USB cable again and execute [DIRECT DVD].
I disconnected the USB cable and "Everio MediaBrowser™" does not operate properly.
Exit from "Everio MediaBrowser™", and connect the camcorder again.
Then, start up "Everio MediaBrowser™".
* While using "Everio MediaBrowser™", do not disconnect the USB cable or turn off the camcorder.
It takes a long time to start up "Everio MediaBrowser™".
When many files are backed up, it may take a while to start up "Everio MediaBrowser™".
* Please wait until it starts up.
The file conversion fails when I export video files to upload to a video sharing site.
This problem occurs when your Windows® Media Player version is old.
Download the latest Windows® Media Player and install it to your computer.
I want to delete "Everio MediaBrowser™" Ver.2 from my computer.
Follow the procedure below to delete(uninstall) the software :

Windows® XP Users
  1. Click the [Start] menu on the Desktop screen.
  2. Click [Control Panel].
  3. Double-click [Add or Remove Programs].
  4. Select "Everio MediaBrowser" and click [Remove].
  5. Follow the instructions displayed on the window to uninstall.
Windows® 7/Windows® Vista Users
  1. Click the Start menu on the Desktop screen.
  2. Click [Control Panel].
  3. Double-click [Uninstall a program].
  4. Select "Everio MediaBrowser" and click [Remove].
  5. Follow the instructions displayed on the window to uninstall.
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