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I can't import files on a network to the Library.
You can't add files on a network to the Library.
For video files stored on a network, save files on the computer first, then add files to the Library by selecting [Add Files to Library] / [Add Folder to Library] from the [File] menu.
I don’t know which volume to select when saving videos in camcorder to the computer.
Before saving to the computer, check videos in each volume (see "Checking Video Contents" in "Everio MediaBrowser™ HD Edition" Instruction Guide P.35).
There still are videos not saved on a disc after creating 5 discs.
With AVCHD, up to 5 discs and with Blu-ray up to 1 disc can be created.
Disconnect the USB cable from the computer and create a disc with Direct Disc again.
* DVD-Video and Blu-ray discs cannot be used with some camcorders.
How long does it take to upload videos to YouTube™ ?
For uploading 1-minute video, it takes about 5 minutes. (when uplink speed is 1Mbps)
* It may differ depending on the communication environment.
I cannot upload to YouTube™.
Upload from the YouTube™ website.
The MediaBrowser™'s communication to the internet may be blocked if a security software is installed.
Enable MediaBrowser™'s access to the internet.
For the settings of the security software to allow an application to access the internet, please contact the security software support center.
* Refer to Product News and "Download" for this product. "Immunity regarding YouTube™ upload function" When using YouTube™ upload function, the number of videos uploaded per hour may be restricted by YouTube™ specifications. Also, we do not guarantee full operations for future modifications of the YouTube™ specifications, and the operation on every environment.
The uploaded file's title is changed on YouTube™.
If you use following symbols in a title, the symbols are changed to "_" when uploading.
"&" "<" ">"
I can't export to iTunes®.
"iTunes® " and QuickTime® is required for exporting.
You can download "iTunes® and QuickTime® from the Web site of Apple Inc.
* Refer to Product News and "Download" for this product.
Although there are more than 1 disc drive, I can't select a drive to write.
Connect your camcorder and select [Create Disc] from the menu on the camcorder.
Click [Settings] button on the "Everio MediaBrowser™ HD Edition" screen and set the writing drive.
Disconnect the USB cable again and execute [DIRECT DISC].
I disconnected the USB cable and "Everio MediaBrowser™ HD Edition" does not operate properly.
Exit from "Everio MediaBrowser™ HD Edition", and connect the camcorder again.
Then, start up "Everio MediaBrowser™ HD Edition".
* While using "Everio MediaBrowser™ HD Edition", do not disconnect the USB cable or turn off the camcorder.
It takes a long time to start up "Everio MediaBrowser™ HD Edition".
When many files are backed up, it may take a while to start up "Everio MediaBrowser™ HD Edition".
* Please wait until it starts up.
In the disc creation or movie combination, a message appears saying that it will take a long time due to movie conversion. What should I do?
When saving large data recorded with "Everio MediaBrowser™ HD Edition HD Edition", some changes may be made for saving.
Also, when writing UXP mode data to AVCHD discs or with the conversion to XP mode settings, movie data conversion is done.
These processes may require time 5 to 7 times of the movie playback time with Intel® Core™ 2 Duo. We recommend you to do it when circumstances allow.
Why doesn't my videos appear on-screen when I use the One Touch Upload or One Touch Export?
"One Touch Upload" or "One Touch Export" functions on dual-slot SD card camcorders default to the SD card in Slot-A.
If your video is on the SD card in Slot-B, move the SD card into Slot-A and retry the "One Touch" functions.
You may also click the [Back] button on the "Step 1 (Select the candidates)" screen to go back to the Browser screen, select the other SD card in the "Device" section on the upper left side, then click the [YouTube] or [Export] button.
How long is the display duration in the slide show?
It is 5 seconds per image. However, it will become 15 seconds if "Start Google Earth™ when playing back" is checked in the Preferences.
* Staring GoogleEarth™ in the playback is not supported in some camcorders.
The file conversion fails when I export video files to upload to a video sharing site.
This problem occurs when your Windows® Media Player version is old.
Download the latest Windows® Media Player and install it to your computer.
I want to delete "Everio MediaBrowser™ HD Edition" Ver.2 from my computer.
Follow the procedure below to delete(uninstall) the software :

Windows® XP Users
  1. Click the [Start] menu on the Desktop screen.
  2. Click [Control Panel].
  3. Double-click [Add or Remove Programs].
  4. Select "Everio MediaBrowser HD Edition" and click [Remove].
  5. Follow the instructions displayed on the window to uninstall.
Windows® 7/Windows® Vista Users
  1. Click the Start menu on the Desktop screen.
  2. Click [Control Panel].
  3. Double-click [Uninstall a program].
  4. Select "Everio MediaBrowser HD Edition" and click [Remove].
  5. Follow the instructions displayed on the window to uninstall.
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