Capty MPEG Edit EX Dolby Digital 5.1
for SONY
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Product Features
Trim MPEG-2 videos without quality deterioration!
Supports trimming in frames as well as in GOPs
Supports saving multiple ranges into separate files
Supports writing edited files in QuickTime format
Supports writing in MPEG elementary stream format
Supports combining multiple files into one MPEG-2 file
Capty MPEG Edit EX Screen
Trimming Mode
In the File Trimming mode,you can retrieve the required parts and split into multiple files in the Trimming mode after reading one movie file.
Specifying the Trimming Range  
When editing long videos, you can apply only the required range from the entire time in order to perform detailed operation of the specified position on the Play Slider.
* Specified range can be displayed in thumbnails.
Specify Range Slider bar and Play Slider
Simply Drag & Drop  
For specifying IN point and OUT point, simply drag & drop.
Click the [Set] button to specify the IN- OUT range as a trimming range.
Setting IN point  Setting OUT point
File Combination Mode
In the File combination mode, multiple movie files can be combined to
create one new file. Just click the [Add] button to add multiple movie
files to the File combination wndow.
* Movie files can also be added by dragging and dropping the icons to the window.
File Combination Window
File Saving Format
MPEG (System stream): Writes as one movie file. Can be used in PIXELA's "Capty DVD/VCD 2 ".
MPEG (Elementary stream): Writes by splitting video data and audio data.
Can be used as contents in "DVD Studio Pro" from Apple Computer, Inc.
DV stream: Writes as DV stream.
Can be used as contents in "iMovie" from Apple Computer, Inc.
QuickTime movie: Writes as QuickTime movie.
*Conversion may not executed depending on the QuickTime versions and components.
DOLBY DIGITAL This software is manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories.
"Dolby" and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.