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ImageMixer 3 Mac Edition for Panasonic

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Please read End User License Agreement before downloading.
We consider all customers who download our products have agreed with the agreement.

Update History

June 5, 2007
Ver.3.0.6 (Updates from Ver.3.0.2)
- ¨ImageMixer 3 Mac Edition for Panasonic¨ now supports Mac OS X v10.4.9.
- DVD authoring process has been changed and the created discs can now be played back on more types of players.
- Pressing the [Skip to previous] button while fastforwarding will now plays back the video normally.
- Following problem has been fixed:
When setting the Library destination to an external hard disk, then starting up ImageMixer 3 without the hard disk recognized, the destination goes back to the default setting, and setting the external hard disk as the destination again does not remove the "!" symbols.
- The Smart Album rule set up dialog has been fixed.
- Video files are now searchable by setting following figure ranges in the Smart Album rule set up dialog: [large number] to [small number] and [new date] to [old date]


*[ImageMixer 3 for Panasonic] needs to be installed in Mac OS X [Applications] folder to update.

Updater Installation Procedure

  1. Double-click the [ImageMixer 3 for Panasonic.pkg] icon. (When the [Authenticate] dialog is displayed, enter the Macintosh Administrator name and password in [Name] and [Password] respectively, and click [OK]. After the installer's startup window is displayed, click [Continue].)
  2. Follow the message to execute installation.
  3. Contents in the [ImageMixer 3 for Panasonic] folder in Mac OS X [Applications] folder are updated.
  4. The above completes the update.

Update Version Check Procedure

  1. Click the application icon in the [ImageMixer 3 for Panasonic] folder in Mac OS X [Applications] folder.
  2. Select [Get Info] from the [File] menu in Finder, and the information window appears.
  3. If the Version information is changed to the latest version, the update is completed.


Data : Imx3Panasonic306_Updater.dmg
Attr. : Binary
Size : 11,760,005Byte

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