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ImageMixer 3 HD Edition for BDCAM

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Windows® 7 Updater Download

Please read End User License Agreement before downloading.
We consider all customers who download our products have agreed with the agreement.

Update History

January 15, 2010
ImageMixer 3 HD Edition for BDCAM [ Ver.3.50.001 ] - Windows® 7 is supported. *1
*1 This version does not guarantee full operation in all computers.

"ImageMixer 3 HD Edition for BDCAM" Windows® 7 Updater

Important notice

Windows® 7 needs to be installed to update the software.

This version cannot be used with other Windows® operating system.

System Requirements

Windows® 7
・ Home Premium
・ Professional
・ Ultimate

Installation Procedure
  1. Download the updater.
  2. Double-click the downloaded file and follow the instructions on screen to execute installation.
Update Version Check Procedure

Check the version displayed with the following procedure.

  1. Click the [Start] menu -[Control Panel] - [Programs] - [Program and Features].
  2. Select "ImageMixer 3 HD Edition for HITACHI" in the list.
  3. Check the version information displayed.
  4. * If the Version information shows "3.50.001", the update is completed.
[Ver.3.50.001] Updater Download

Data : IMX3BD_H350001.exe
Attr. : Binary
Size : 43,858,392 Byte

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