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ImageMixer 3 for DVDCAM (Ver.3.0.0)

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ImageMixer 3 for DVDCAM (Ver.3.0.0)

Specifications and system requirements

Supported disc format
(when importing from your camcorder)
DVD-R : DVD-Video

* For users using the CD-ROM bundled with HybridCAM can read contents in camcorder's HDD.
System Requirements
OS Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Professional Service Pack 3 or later
Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition or later
Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional Edition or later
Microsoft® Windows Vista™

*To install and use this software, you must be authorized as an Administrator.
*If you use ImageMixer 3 for DVDCAM (Ver.3.0.0)(Ver.3.0.0)on Windows Vista™, download the updater from download page.
CPU Intel® Pentium® III 800MHz or more
Pentium® 4, Celeron™, or AMD Athlon™ XP / Duron™ of equivalent performance
(Pentium® 4 1.7GHz or more recommended)

*Operation is not guaranteed when using CPU with overclocked, or using Dual CPU.
Memory - Windows® 2000 Professional:128MB or more (256MB or more recommended)
- Windows® XP Home Edition / Professional Edition: 256MB or more (512MB or more recommended)
Hard Disk - 300MB or more disk space is required for installation
- Disk space required for creating a disc
DVD Video: 14GB or more for the working folder(28GB or more for a double-layered disc)
Graphics - 1024x768 pixels, Can be displayed in 16bit(Hi-color) or more.
- A graphic accelerator with 4MB or more of VRAM supporting DirectX® 9.0c
Sound - Sound Blaster® or equivalent
Drive Drives manufactured and sold in 1997 or later.

* We do not guarantee all functions of the drives.
* To create a disc, you will need a drive that supports the disc type you are creating.
* Operations of the software depends on whether the OS supports your drives and hardware devices. For the OS support information, please contact the drive and hardware device manufacturers.
Others An environment in which DirectX® 9.0c operates properly.
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