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ImageMixer 3 for DVDCAM (Ver.3.0.0)

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ImageMixer 3 for DVDCAM (Ver.3.0.0)

ImageMixer 3 for DVDCAM (Ver.3.0.0)
*This product is a software bundled.


What is "ImageMixer 3 for DVDCAM (Ver.3.0.0)" ?

"ImageMixer 3 for DVDCAM (Ver.3.0.0)" is the software that enable you to create your original DVD contents (DVD-Video/DVD-VR) using videos and music imported to your computer.

With "ImageMixer 3 for DVDCAM (Ver.3.0.0)", you can edit videos easily. Also, you can create your original DVD titles by writing edited movies on a DVD. Play back your DVD on a supported DVD player and share memorable moments with your family.

Functions of ImageMixer 3 for DVDCAM (Ver.3.0.0)


- You can manage importing devices and media with the "Importing console".
- File access depending on the importing format is supported.
- Allows full size preview of imported video.


Movie Editing

You can edit like a movie director by trimming and sorting your videos, and adding transition effects, audio or end roll.

- You can choose editing style from clip/timeline display.
- Features various effect functions such as transition and motion titles.
- Music and narrations can be added.
- MPEG smart rendering function.

DVD-Video Authoring

You can add effects to your favorite videos by adding titles and menus.

[ Plenty of editing functions ]
Features various editing functions such as movie titles and still image slideshow titles.
Allows editing of a title which contains movies, still images, and audio.
[ Expression like the sell-DVDs ]
Enables professional DVD-Video creation with motion menus, menu theme, slideshow transition, and adding music.

DVD-VR Authoring

As overwritable, it is useful for saving data and creating a backup copy.

- Can be written as -VR (minus Video Recording) format.
- Program edit function allows sorting scenes.

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