VideoBrowser Ver.1
Transfer Utility Ver.1

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Software Download

Please read the End User License Agreement before downloading.
We consider all customers who download our products have agreed with the agreement.

About Software

Please use this software if you cannot install "VideoBrowser Ver.1/Transfer Utility Ver.1" which are included in the CD-ROM bundled with the Canon camcorder.


Note the following before downloading this software :

  1. The camcorder's 12-digit serial number is required to download "VideoBrowser Ver.1". Enter the 12-digit number as it appears on the camcorder.
  2. The 12-digit serial number is NOT required to download "Transfer Utility Ver.1".
Noncompliant camcorders
  1. "VideoBrowser Ver.1" was not originally supplied with the following Canon camcorder models and you cannot download "VideoBrowser Ver.1". Please use "Transfer Utility Ver.1" instead.
Camcorder Models
HF R205
Installation Procedure
  1. Double-click the downloaded file.
  2. Install the software by following the message displayed.

Software Download
VideoBrowser Ver.1

Data : VideoBrowser_101100.exe
Attr. : Binary
Size : 85,462,648 bytes

* Enter the camcorder's 12-digit serial number and click the [Download] button.

Note : If using a Chinese/Japanese/Korean input system, please use single-byte numbers.
Transfer Utility Ver.1

Data : TransferUtility_100012.exe
Attr. : Binary
Size : 33,828,896 bytes

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