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Setup - I can't install "ImageMixer™ 3 SE for SD".
"ImageMixer™ 3 SE for SD" can be installed to the computers running Windows XP SP2/SP3 and Windows Vista/SP1.
Input - My camcorder is not recognized by the computer.
Check the following :
1. Have you installed "ImageMixer™ 3 SE for SD" ?
2. Have you turned on the camcorder ?
3. Is the camcorder powered using the compact power adapter ?
4. Is the USB cable connected to the computer properly ?
- Disconnect the USB cable, then restart computer and reconnect the camcorder with the computer in correct order.
- Try another USB port.
- Disconnect any USB devices other than the camcorder, keyboard, and mouse.
- If the camcorder is connected via an USB hub, connect the camcorder directly to the computer.
Input - Where are the imported videos saved ?
Windows Vista
Video ([My Document] folder if [My Video] folder does not exist)\IMxLibrary\CANON\date folder (e.g.20080307)
Windows XP
My Video ([My Document] folder if [My Video] folder does not exist)\IMxLibrary\CANON\date folder (e.g.20080307)
Library - ! (Cannot find this file) appears.
"ImageMixer™ 3 SE for SD" cannot find files if, for example, the files are moved, deleted or changed names in "Explorer" after being added to the Library.
Select [Add Files to Library] from the [File] menu to add videos.
If you are using removable media such as a USB memory, save the video files to the computer in advance, before adding them to the Library.
Edit - When I add a titler and playback on the preview screen, titler is not displayed properly.
Save the edited result and export as the edited file.
Titler is displayed correctly on the exported file.
Write - What kind of disc can I use ?
You can use following discs.
Check if your writing drive supports these discs.
Write - I can't write to a disc.
It may be considered that the writing drive does not support the disc, or "ImageMixer™ 3 SE for SD" does not support the disc.
Check "What kind of disc can I use ?" and disc types supported by the writing drive.
Write - When I use rewritable disc whose recorded data I erased, disc creation fails sometimes.
You cannot write the disc whose content has been erased with the software other than "ImageMixer™ 3 SE for SD".
When using a recorded rewritable disc, insert the disc as it is and erase the recorded data using the writing options of "ImageMixer™ 3 SE for SD".
Write - I can't write back to the camcorder.
You can write back the following videos with same video format and video system as that of the camcorder :
- Videos originally saved on the computer from the camcorder with which "ImageMixer™ 3 SE for SD" is bundled, and not edited with "ImageMixer™ 3 SE for SD".
Others - The instruction manual is not installed.
The instruction manual is included in the install disc.
Insert the disc in the computer and take out from the following directory :
Windows Vista
Computer\(install disc icon)\Manual\(language for instruction manual)
Windows XP
My Computer\(install disc icon)\Manual\(language for instruction manual)
General - I have lost Software CD-ROM bundled with my camcorder.

You can download the software for a fee from the following page. (Software not posted on the page are unavailable)

Paid download for Pixela's bundled software

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