ImageMixer™ 3 SE for SD

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ImageMixer™ 3 SE for SD

ImageMixer™ 3 SE for SD
* This software is bundled with select Canon camcorders.


What's "ImageMixer™ 3 SE for SD" ?

"ImageMixer™ 3 SE for SD" is a software that enables you to import and manage movies on your computer, and create your original discs.

Functions of "ImageMixer™ 3 SE for SD"

Importing and Organizing Videos
Saves videos to the computer

Videos in the camcorder can be saved to the computer.

Organizes videos

In the Library screen of "ImageMixer™ 3 SE for SD", you can organize videos by date or file format, or you can arrange the playback order.


Editing Videos
Adds effects to videos

You can add text on the scenes or add transition effects between the scenes.

Also, you can change the volume of the video, or add narration and music.

Saves multiple video files as one file

You can trim unnecessary scenes and combine multiple video files into one file.

"Editing Videos"

Storing Videos
Creates discs of the videos recorded with the camcorder

You can write videos in the camcorder directly to a disc, or select which videos to write on a disc with DVD menu screen.

Writes back to the camcorder

You can write back videos to the camcorder after changing the playback order or editing videos with "ImageMixer™ 3 SE for SD".

You can write back the videos originally saved on the computer from the camcorder with which "ImageMixer™ 3 SE for SD" is bundled, and not edited with "ImageMixer™ 3 SE for SD"

"Storing Videos"

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