What's Data Import Utility Ver.2.3.x ? *1

Data Import Utility is the software to save scenes from the camcorder. Relay scenes are combined before saving.
This software supports both Windows and Mac.

Connection and operations
STEP 1. Preparing SD Memory Card

* Importing from a CF card is not supported.
* Depending on your camcorder model, importing of data may not be possible. In this case, please use a card reader.

  1. Insert SD Memory Cards to the camcorder or card reader. *2
Image of Preparing SD Memory Card
STEP 2. Importing scenes *3
  1. Double-click the Data Import Utility icon.
  2. Select the device that you connected in the STEP 1.
  3. Select the method to import. *4
  4. Select the naming method for saved files.*5
  5. Specify the destination.
  6. Click [Import]. *6

Image of Importing scenes

About Relay Scenes

What's relayed recording ? *7

If a free space of SD Memory Card depletes while recording, the destination to save the video is automatically switched to the SD Memory Card inserted in the other slot.

It prevents videos being cut in the middle of recording and you can save separated scenes as one scene.

Relayed recording is available in both ways SD(A) <- -> SD(B).

Image of About Relay Scenes 1

The relay scenes, which contains the information of relayed recording, will be automatically combined as one scene when importing.

Image of About Relay Scenes 2
Importing from a camcorder
  • Prepare the SD Memory Cards which saves the paired relay scenes.
  • Start importing while two SD Memory Cards are inserted to the camcorder.
Importing from a card reader
  • Prepare the SD Memory Cards which saves the paired relay scenes.
  • Insert the SD Memory Cards one by one.
Image of About Relay Scenes 3
*1 Depending on your camcorder model, some functions may not be available.
*2 Prepare the SD Memory Cards which saves the paired relay scenes.
*3 A scene(stream) will be divided into some files if it exceeds a certain size and/or length. These files are automatically combined and handled as one scene after importing to computer by Data Import Utility.
*4 Select [Import all scenes.] if you want to import the scenes already imported.
*5 Use only single-byte characters in the text box. Characters may be converted if the characters other than single-byte are entered.
*6 During importing, the computer does not move on to the Sleep mode.
*7 Importing will be cancelled if the second SD Memory Card does not have the paired relay scene.
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* Screens and pictures are for illustrative purposes only.