SeeQVault™ player app for Android devices


Bring HD video programs outside the home!

SeeQVault Player allows you to play back the HD quality TV programs - which were exported to SeeQVault™ supported media such as SD Memory Card - on your Android device.

Just choose a program from the program list screen to start playback.

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What's SeeQVault™?

SeeQVault is the new contents protection technology which boasts the device compatibility and firm security system developed by Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, and Toshiba. This technology satisfies your demand to play HD video programs, which have become a familiar contents nowadays, anytime anywhere regardless of player device. - NSM SeeQVault

SeeQVault™ is free from the recording devices!

Conventional exporting.You can watch the program only on the device to export to.

SeeQVault™ exporting. You can watch HD video programs on any supported device!

User-friendly interface

Viewer(portrait), Viewer(landscape), Program list

Trick play function such as fast forwarding and fast reversing are prepared. When you stop the playback in midstream, you can resume it from the point you stopped.

Specifications and system requirements

Application name SeeQVault Player
Price Free (Google Play)
Supported OS Android™ 4.2.2 and later

*Also requires an external or internal SD Memory Card or USB reading/writing device which supports SeeQVault.

Supported format MPEG2-TS (Video : H.264 or MPEG2-Video / Audio : AAC)


Q1 : General
1-1. Where can I get this app?

You can download the app from Google Play for free.
(Coming soon)

1-2. Can I output the video to an external device?

Video output to an external device is not supported.

1-3. Can I output the audio to an external device?

The audio output by headphones is supported. Output to an external USB/Bluetooth speaker and headphones is not supported.

1-4. Can I use subtitle or super-imposed text?

These functions are not supported.

1-5. Can I use playlists?

Yes, you can.

1-6. Can I use a SeeQVault-supported hard disk?

SeeQVault-supported hard disk is not supported.

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Q2 : Start-up
2-1. The message "The app is not available due to an error. Check if there is any update." appears.

This message appears when the security information between the app and the connected storage (SD card, USB memory etc.) do not correspond. In this case, update the app from [My apps] in the Play Store menu.

2-2. "No recorded program." appears in the Program List.

Check the following;

  • The storage supports SeeQVault?
  • When using a card reader/writer, does it support SeeQVault?
  • Are the contents in the storage saved successfully?
2-3. The message "You cannot access while the USB storage is mounted. Unmount the USB storage and restart the app." appears.

In this case, select [Storage] in the Android's setting menu and execute "Unmount USB memory" then restart the app.

* The setting option names vary depending on the Android devices.

2-4. The message "Starting the product activation through the Internet. Connect the storage supporting SeeQVault." appears and the activation fails.

Retry after a while.

Check the following if you fail in the activation even so:

  • Is your Android device connected to the Internet properly?
  • Does the storage support SeeQVault?
  • When using a card reader/writer, does it support SeeQVault?
  • Is the date and time setting of your Android device correctly configured?

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Q3 : Playback / Deletion
3-1. How can I adjust the volume?

Tap the playback screen and hold down Speaker mark until the volume slider is displayed.

3-2. Can I change the playback speed or can I skip the playback for a certain period?

Fast forward and fast reverse in 2x and 10x speed are available as well as normal speed.

You can also skip the playback by 15 seconds forward and 5 seconds reverse.

3-3. Can I display the Program List during playback?

Hold the Android device lengthwise. Program List will appear in the lower bottom of the playback screen.

3-4. Can I sort the programs by genre?

SeeQVault Player does not support sorting. However the playlists which were created by the recorder are still available.

3-5. Can I create and/or edit playlists?

No, you can't.

3-6. There is a program that says "Hidden title".

If you applied the password to read the program with the recorder, the program appear as "Hidden title" in this app and program name and information are not displayed.

The playback password is required to play and display the information.

3-7. Playback password is requested.

Enter the one of the following password which you registered with the recorder:

  • The password for reading the storage (SD Memory Card or USB memory)
  • The password for reading the program itself.
3-8. After starting the playback, no image is displayed and only the audio is heard.

The video decoder on your Android device may not support the video format of the program.

3-9. I can't delete some programs.

You can't delete the programs which were protected by the recorder. If a playlist is protected, you may not be able to delete the program included in it.

3-10. I can't capture a screenshot.

The screenshot function is suspended while SeeQVault Player is running.

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Q4 : Setting
4-1. Audio setting options do not appear.

Some setting options will not appear when the program is not applicable to the function.

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