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Answer - Q1 : General

1-1. Where can I buy this application?

You can purchase from Google Play by downloading.

PLANe ANalyzer for Android - Google Play

1-2. Is a free trial version available?

Trial version download

1-3. I want to try the application before purchase.

Trial version download

1-4. Can I use this application with iOS?

PLANe ANalyzer (iOS)

1-5. What is the difference between Trial and Full-function versions?

The Full-function version features the following functions:

  • Save swing footages up to 200. (30 footages in Trial version)
  • Change the playback speed at three levels (x0.1, x0.2, x1.0). (x0.2 only in Trial version)
  • Turn off loop playback.
  • Use the seek bar which indicates current playback position in the playback screen.
  • Export the still images of a swing footage frame by frame.
  • Turn off the advertisements on the screen.

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