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I don't know when the disc creation is finished when the [Need more than 1 disc] LED turns on.
If the [Need more than 1 disc] LED is off when the disc is ejected after writing, the disc creation is finished.
I would like to prepare the required number of discs before it starts writing,
DVD Burner calculates the camera and disc capacity after pressing the [Start] button, and there is no knowing how many discs will be required before writing.
I ejected the disc using the Force eject hole, but the [Insert disc] LED is still on.
Please turn off the power and restart.
Please note that if you ejected the disc after DVD Burner had started writing, the disc may not be used any more.
What is Mass Storage?
Mass Storage is a USB standard for connecting devices such as hard disk drive.
Devices such as cameras that support Mass Storage are handled as drives by the computer, and files in the devices can be handled directly using explorer.
This product supports cameras that supports USB Mass Storage Class.
For information whether your camera supports USB Mass Storage Class, please contact your camera's manufacturer.
I connected the camera but the [Connect camera] LED is still blinking.
When the [Connect camera] LED is still blinking even if the camera is connected, the camera has not been recognized. Check the power and the connection of the camera.
Depending on the camera, switching to the mode such as "PC Connection" may be required.
For details, please refer to your camera's instruction manual.
The disc is ejected, but the [Complete] LED is not turned on and the [Insert disc] LED is blinking.
When writing is finished, the [Complete] LED turns on and the disc is ejected. The [Complete] LED turns off immediately after the disc is ejected.
When the [Need more than 1 disc] LED is off, disc creation is completed. You do not need to insert a new disc.
I used a media reader for disc creation. Can I remove the memory card after the disc creation is completed?
Before you insert/remove a memory card, please turn off the DVD Burner.
If you are going to use another memory card, turn off the DVD Burner first and remove/insert the memory cards.
Can I create discs with movie data and RAW data that I recorded with my digital camera?
Among the data recorded with the digital camera, only JPEG data can be used for the [DVD] function.
For creating discs with [Data] function, movie data and RAW data can be written as well as the JPEG data, however, the discs are not playable on DVD players.
How long does it take to create a disc? I would like to have a rough idea.
The estimated time to create a disc with this product is as follows:

Data to write DVD Data
Movie clip 1 hour (2.8GB) Approx. 30min. Approx. 10min.
Still image 200 files (173MB) Approx. 50min. Approx. 15min.

※ Above data is an estimate and differs depending on the types of memory card, recorded data or disc type.

What happens to the aspect ratio of the movie clips on the created DVD-Video disc? I have 16:9 and 4:3 recorded movie clips in my HDD camcorder.
Aspect ratio of the movie clips is maintained even after creating DVD-Video disc, and the movie clips are displayed as they are stored in the camcorder. Movie clips recorded in 16:9 are displayed as 16:9, and those recorded in 4:3 are displayed as 4:3.
I created a slide show. Can I play it back on my DVD player?
The slide show is created in DVD-Video format, and the discs are playble on DVD players that supports the type of the disc (DVD-R or DVD+R).
How can I create a disc by selecting recorded movie clips that I like among recorded clips stored in my HDD camcorder?
DVD Burner writes all videos stored in the HDD camcorder to a disc(s). Thus, you cannot select movie clips and create a disc.
If you wish to create a disc with movie clips of your choice, you need to move the recorded data, such as deleting the videos you do not want on the disc.
Does't a movie clip get cut off in mid-stream when HDD camcorder data is written to multiple discs?
Movie clips do not get cut off in the mid-stream.
DVD Burner calculates the free space on the disc first, and if the following data to write exceeds the capacity, the data is written to a next disc.
The time information are different between the one on the created disc and the video file's actual recorded time.
This product recognizes the time information in cameras according to the EST (Eastern Standard Time) and writes the information on discs.
Note that daylight saving time is not applied.
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