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What's the difference between "DVD-Video" and "Data DVD"?


"DVD-Video" is a DVD format playable on DVD players and computers. Commercial and rental DVDs are in DVD-Video format. Playable on most DVD players for homes and computers.

DVD-Video format is recommended if you wish to share your videos on DVDs with families and friends, as the format is playable on most DVD players.

Some DVD players cannot playback certain disc types.

Data DVD

"Data DVD" is a DVD format that stores videos as data files on DVD. Contents on Data DVD can be edited on computers, or extra contents can be added later.

Data DVDs can be played on computers.

For playing back on a stand alone DVD player, the player needs to support the data format of the DVD.

Data DVD format is recommended for PC users who wish to edit videos or add extra data on created DVDs.

DVD-Video / Data DVD iimage

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