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Create DVDs without a Computer!

This stand alone DVD burner lets you burn the videos and still images in your HDD camcorder to a DVD with the press of a button! Just connect the camcorder directly with the DVD burner and press the Start button. This PC-less simple operation enables anybody to create DVDs easily.


[PIX-BU010-P01] is a stand alone DVD burner that enables you to write videos and still images you have recorded with your HDD camcorder directly to DVDs. Data on the camcorder is analyzed automatically and each recorded video footage is written as one title onto DVDs. The created DVDs can be played back on most DVD players by selecting titles just like commercial DVDs.

Write recorded videos and still image data on a HDD camcorder directly to DVDs

1. PC-less intuitive user interface
2. Functions to create DVD-Video and data DVD

Prize winner of "Good Design Award 2006"

[PIX-BU010-P01] is a prize winner of "Good Design Award 2006" (operated by Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization) in Product Design category.

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