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I can't start updated ¨Pixe VRF Browser EX¨, and serial number entry window appears instead.
Serial number entry is required for using ¨Pixe VRF Browser EX¨ for the first time after updating.

Please enter your serial number, and if this dose not solve the problem, check the following :

1) The update version of ¨Pixe VRF Browser EX¨ is for packaged version of ¨Pixe VRF Browser EX¨ only, so it is not compatible with the ¨Pixe VRF Browser EX¨ bundled with drives.
2) Check if the serial number you are entering is correct. It is a 22-digit number printed on the User Registration Card for ¨Pixe VRF Browser EX¨.
When I edit a panoramic screen movie, the image is stretched vertically.
Panoramic screen with the 16:9 of aspect ratio is supported by Pixe VRF Browser EX Ver.2.8 released on Nov.7,2005 and later versions.
Update to the latest version to enable this feature.
You can download the updater from here.
There is no sounds when I play imported movie file with QuickTime Player.
For MPEG-2 files with Dolby Digital or PCM audio format, sound is not played even if installing QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback Component.
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