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PixeBurn! for HD


What's "PixeBurn! for HD" ?

"PixeBurn! for HD" enables you to write videos recorded in AVCHD standard onto DVD or BD discs without changing the picture quality.*1

You can easily write a disc by connecting the camcorder and following the steps displayed in the screen.

PixeBurn! for HD

How to Use "PixeBurn! for HD"

1. Select camcorder

Select the camcorder or the device in which the videos are stored.*2

Readable devices

You can use camcorders and devices, such as a memory card, that stores the videos recorded in AVCHD standard.*3

When reading from a DVD or BD disc, connect another disc drive for writing, or save videos in the disc to your Mac® using Disk Utility.

Select device image

2. Select drive

Select the drive to write a disc.*4

Select drive image

3. Set disc

Insert a disc.

Use a disc which is supported by your disc drive.*1

Set disc image

Supported discs


4. Select movies

Check the movies to write.

You can change the playback order by dragging and dropping the movies and also play back a movie by double-clicking.

Select movies image

5. Write disc

Enter disc name and select the writing speed.

Write disc image

If you continue writing using the same device, click [Retry]

Click [Quit] to quit.

Finish image

Instruction manual download

* For viewing PDF format data, Adobe® Reader®is required.

*1 8cm discs are not supported.
*2 If options are not displayed, check the connection of the camcorder or the device.
*3 You cannot read from two or more devices.
*4 If using an external disc drive and the option is not displayed, check the connection between the drive and Mac®.
* Screen captures in this document are from the software under development.

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