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When I add a MPEG file more than 3GB to a Title Menu when creating DVD, an error message such as ¨Size limit exceeded. Could not add file¨ is displayed.
If DVD-Video Audio Format is set to [PCM] in DVD creation, the audio data will not be compressed.

For example, changing the audio format of the 1.5 hour MPEG file with the size of 3.8GB, to [PCM] will add approximately 1.3GB to the file size and the total file size becomes 5.1GB which exceeds a DVD disc cpacity.

Please change the audio format to [MPEG Audio] or [Dolby Digital], and a 3.8GB file can be used without changing of the audio size.
I am using PIX-DVRR/FW series*. When I create DVD-Video discs, [DVD-RAM LF-D310] or [DVD-RAM SW-9571] is displayed in the Select Drive. Why?
(*These products are only available in Japan.)
It is displayed as [DVD-RAM LF-D310] if you are using a PIXELA's PIX-DVRR/FW1 or PIX-DVRR/FW2.
It is displayed as [DVD-RAM SW-9571] if you are using PIX-DVRR/FW3.
It is displayed as [DVD-RAM SW-9572] if you are using PIX-DVRR/FW4.
I cannot import MPEG-2 files I created with CyberLink Inc's ¨PowerDirector¨.
MPEG-2 files created with CyberLink Inc's ¨PowerDirector¨, could exceed bitrate of 10.08Mbps.
Our software is not compatible with the MPEG-2 files with the bitrate of 10.08Mbps or above.
Please use MPEG-2 files recorded by Everio in .mod format or the files created by ¨Capty DVD/VCD 2¨.
I cannot change the button size that I place on a Title Menu.
To change the button size, please go to [Title Menu/ Layout] setting panel and put a check in the [Free Layout] option box, then you can change the button size on the Title Menu.
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