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ImageMixer™ 3 Mac Edition

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ImageMixer™ 3 Mac Edition

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What's ¨ImageMixer™ 3 Mac Edition¨ ?

¨ImageMixer™ 3 Mac Edition¨ is a software for creating DVD-Video discs with the original contents by importing the videos to Mac.

With ¨ImageMixer™ 3 Mac Edition¨, creating DVD titles can never be difficult.

Play back the titles on a supported DVD player and enjoy watching the titles with everyone !

¨ImageMixer™3 Mac Edition¨ supports ¨Dolby Digital 5.1ch¨.

¨ImageMixer™ 3 Mac Edition¨ Functions


Just connect a camcorder to Mac to browse the contents.

Preview videos on a disc directly from the camcorder.

Importing image

Cutting / Combining

Cut out videos by specifying IN point and OUT point.

Combine multiple videos.

Editing image

DVD-Video Authoring

To create a DVD-Video, just Drag & Drop the video files.

DVD creation with Easy operation !

With ¨ImageMixer™ 3 Mac Edition¨, Drag & Drop the video files to the [DVD List] and click the [Write] button.

Authoring image

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