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ImageMixer mini DVD Dubbing 8-12

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Specifications and system requirements

Supported Discs by Data Formats

Supported Discs by Data Formats

*Reading and writing of Double/Dual layered disc (DVD-R DL/DVD+R DL) are not supported.

Reading Disc Data Format / Used Drives and Copying Methods

*Connect a reading drive sucha as a DVD Camcorder to your computer before starting up ¨DVD Dubbing 8-12¨. For how to connect your camcorder and computer, refer to your DVD camcorder instruction manual.

System Requirements
Supported OS Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 3 or later
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition or later
Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition or later
English versions of above OS
*To install and use this software, you must be authorized as an Administrator.
Supported Computer A Windows computer with above OS pre-installed.
CPU Intel Pentium III 1GHz or more
Pentium 4, Celeron, or AMD Athlon XP / Duron of equivalent performance
(Pentium 4 1.3GHz or more recommended)
*Operation is not guaranteed when using CPU with overclocked, or using Dual CPU.
Memory 256MB or more (512MB or more recommended)
Display 800 x 600 pixels, Can be displayed in 24bit(True-color) or more
A graphic accelerator with 4MB or more of VRAM supporting DirectX 9.0c or later
Hard Disk 50MB or more disk space is required for installation
[Disk space required for copying a disc]
DVD Video / DVD-VR: Data size of the reading disc + additional 1GB or more.
DVD+VR: Twice the size of data of the reading disc + additional 1GB or more.
Drive Drives manufactured and sold in 1997 or later.
*We do not guarantee operations on all drives.
*DVD drives are separately required for reading and writing in order to copy directly from a DVD disc.
*To create a disc, you will need a drive that supports the disc type you are creating.
* Operations of the software depends on whether the OS supports your drives and hardware devices. For the OS support information, please contact the drive and hardware device manufacturers.
Others An environment in which DirectX 9.0c operates properly.

Operating Limitations
-You can not browse the contents on the reading disc or select the contents to burn.
-You can not write the contents of two or more discs into one disc.
-Copying to 8cm DVD discs is not supported.
-Discs created with "ImageMixer mini DVD Dubbing 8-12" may not be played back on some players.
-Additional recording is not supported for the disc created with "ImageMixer mini DVD Dubbing 8-12".
-Rewritable discs, such as DVD-RW, can be used after erasing existing contents on disc.
-Reading and writing on DVD-R DL(double-layered DVD-R) and DVD+R DL(dual-layered DVD+R) are not supported.
-Discs containing DVD-Video, DVD-VR or DVD+VR format contents can be used to make copies with "ImageMixer mini DVD Dubbing 8-12"
-You can not copy directly from a DVD disc when you use one drive.
-When connecting your computer and the reading drive with USB 1.1, you may not be able to copy directly. However you can copy directly when both drives for reading and writing are connected with USB 1.1.
-During disc writing, we recommend that you do not operate or run other applications.
-Discs that are not finalized may not be read.
-"ImageMixer mini DVD Dubbing 8-12" supports reading following discs; discs created with DVD camcorder or "ImageMixer mini DVD Dubbing 8-12".
-Copying content-protected digital terrestrial broadcasting recorded data, and copy-protected data is not supported.
-Still image slideshow cannot be played back on some players.

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