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How large free space in the work drive do I need to copy DVD discs with ¨ImageMixer mini DVD Dubbing 8-12¨?
It depends on the disc to read, however approximately 5GB of free space is required in general use.
The menu screen of created DVD is different from that of the camcorder.
When copying a disc of DVD+VR format, contents will be converted in DVD-Video format and menu screen is newly created. Also, the number of thumbnails may be altered.
Vertical and horizontal ratio of the screen (aspect ratio) is different from the original video.
In copying a disc of DVD+VR format, if the video of 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio is recorded in a same disc, finished DVD (converted in DVD-Video format) may not be able to display correct aspect ratio.

To prevent this, please record in the formats other than DVD+VR, or not to change the aspect ratio in one disc.
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