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What is the bit rate of the file converted to MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (uncompressed).
It will be variable bit rate averaging 21.6Mbps.
What's Base view ?
A 3D video file is recorded as a Multi-view video that contains double perspectives (right and left), and Base view is the base video between these perspectives.
The videos decoded from the Base view are called Non base view.
I want convert files into another format that has already converted once.
Check the boxes of the target files and select [Return selected items to standby] of the [Edit] menu in the Menu bar.
The status of the target files will become blank(standby).
After that, select the file format and click [Convert].
Combing (stripe noise) appears when playing back the video file converted as uncompressed file from an interlace video.
Since the files converted as an uncompressed data do not have scanning information, combing may occur in the scenes of quick movement.
Use progressive video file or convert as a compressed file.
Can I select and edit the video files stored in the camcorder?
You cannot use the video files stored in the camcorder.
Use the files stored in the computer for editing.
Which graphic tip/board do you recommend?
The graphic tip/board does not relate to the performance since all operations are processed on the software.

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