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Digital broadcasting (ISDB) solutions

Solutions for viewing and recording digital broadcasting on Windows® and Mac® PCs.

Our consistent in-house development ranges from hardware design of tuner boards to software development.

We have the largest market share in the OEM business with major Japanese PC manufacturers.

1. Tuner board

We develop tuner boards that support ISDB, the Japanese digital broadcasting system which has been adopted as the official broadcasting system by South American countries recent years.

Our tuner board supports not only terrestrial wave (ISDB-T) but also satellite wave (ISDB-S) and can be installed to a variety of computers from desktop PCs to laptop PCs.

PIX-DT230 and PIX-DT200

2. Application software

Our viewing and recording software StationTV® series feature plenty of useful functions such as double recording, follow-up replay, writing on Blu-ray, and sharing of recorded program through network (DTCP-IP supported).


3. SDK

We also develop Software Development Kit (SDK) for digital broadcasting reception software.

Data broadcasting, Electronic Program Guide, subtitles, DRM, Move function, and more are included to help your development and shorten the lead time.


For inquiries about the technical information of our development and solutions, please contact us via telephone. +81-3-5759-7811 (Japan)

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