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Image processing

We can offer various types of engines to process videos and still images.

1. PES 3D - 3D video editing engine

This engine realizes 3D video editing without converting the files created by the camcorder.

Frame-by-frame editing is also available.


2. Super-Resolution Engine

The image enlargement algorithm created by our unique development.

Realizes high-quality enlargement compared with existing methods such as linear interpolation and bi-cubic convolution.

Super-Resolution Engine

The demonstration of Super-Resolution Engine is available for download :

1920x1080 pixels movies enlarged from 720x480 pixels movie (ZIP : 104MB) 1280x720 pixels movies enlarged from 720x480 pixels movie (ZIP : 57.7MB)

* For viewing MOV format data, Apple® QuickTime® Player is required.

3. Vitter - Image emphasizing engine

Vitter is a collection of image processing schemes that reproduces higher picture quality of videos and still images.

Restructures the dynamic range of the image by applying color modification, noise reduction, edge reinforcement, and shadow emphasis of dark area in the image.


4. Video compression codec engine

We have a wide variety of encoders and decoders that support MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AVC(H.264), AC3, AAC, and more.

Engines for transcoder, frame interpolation, and scale conversion are also available.

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